Master Class


“La Mélodieuse” is a space for sharing music produced by composer Yuko Uébayashi. Surrounded by the mountains of Luberon in southern France, it stands in the pine forest of Puget village.
In summer, we spend the time under shining clear light, endlessly high blue sky, and pure breeze through the shade of the trees. The master class is held in such a special environment where the sound of the flute you play is accompanied by the songs of birds.


Total of 6 hours of individual lessons

Lessons for the flute repertoires by flute professor

1 hour X 3 times 

session 1 : Carol Wincenc (Professor at The Juilliard School)

session 2 : Michel Moragues (Soloist of the Orchester National de France, Professor of Chamber Music at the C.N.S.M. de Paris)

Lessons for Yuko Uébayashi’s flute works by composer herself

1 hour X 3 times

Of course, students can audit all lessons.


This masterclass aims to give you a deeper understanding of music.

Both Flute repertoire and Yuko Uébayashi’s flute works, please select the music you want to learn the most and register it as your first choice in the repertoire.

If there is a music you want to learn as the second music, you can register up to your second choice.
If the repertoire could not be narrowed down at the time of application, you can register as undecided. Also, if you have any questions about the repertoire or any matters you would like to discuss, please write them down.
In any case, each flute professor or Yuko Uébayashi will consult about the repertoire.

Appearances in two concerts

All student can perform in two concerts.

♪ Musique pour tous ♪ is an enjoyable stage to play with all musiciens (professors, students, pianist, harpist, violinist, cellist,,,). In session 1, the concert will be held in the foyer of the school in Puget village, and in session 2, it will be held in the courtyard of «Château La Verrerie», a winery representing the Luberon

«Final concert of Masterclass» All students can perform about 10 minutes in this concert.People who truly love the music of the village will gather at the salon of «La Mélodieuse». It is the moment when the music you play is wrapped in the warm cheers of the people.


A pianist accompanies all lessons in the Masterclass and your performance in the Final Concert.
This is very important for learning music as a total work, or for knowing the joy of chamber music.

As accompanists, pianists who are deeply trusted by Yuko Kambayashi will participate. They all have great musical expression as soloists. They are also experts in the theory and technique of advanced accompaniment and chamber music, one of the traditions of French music.

Yumé Takasaki : session 1

Misaki Baba / Yu Matsuoka : session 2

If you already have a co-star, we welcome you to join us with your co-star.

If the repertoire you play requires a cello accompaniment, during Session 1, we can assign a cello accompaniment for you.

If the repertoire you play requires a harp accompaniment, we can assign a harp accompaniment for you.


Session 1 : July 15 (Sat) – July 21 (Fri)

Master Class with Carol Wincenc and with Yuko Uébayashi

Accompanist: Yumé Takasaki

Jul 15 (Sat)18:00 : Meet at “La Mélodieuse”

Jul 16 (Sun) – July 21 (Fri) :Classes open 


Jul 15 (Sat) 20:30 at “la Mélodieuse”

Trio RecitalCarol Wincenc flute, Velléda Miragias Cello, Yumé Takasaki Piano- 

Jul 19 (Wed) 20:30 at “l’école de Puget”

Musique pour tous 1

Jul 21 (Fri) 20:30 at “la Mélodieuse”

Final concert of Masterclass 1

All students will perform in concerts on July 19th and 21st.

The day after the end of the class, those who wish can join an excursion tour around the Luberon.

Session 2 : August 7 (Mon) – August 13 (Sun)

Master Class with Michel Moragues and with Yuko Uébayashi

Accompanist: Yu Matsuoka / Misaki Baba 

Aug 7 (Mon) 18:00 : Meet at “La Mélodieuse”

Aug 8 (Tue) – August 13 (Sun) : Classes open 


Aug 7 (Mon) 20:30 at “la Mélodieuse”

RecitalMichel Moragues flute, Yu Matsuoka Piano- 

Aug 10 (Thu) 20:30 at “Château la Verrerie”

Musique pour tous 2

Aug 12 (Sat) 20:30 at “la Mélodieuse”

Final concert of Masterclass 2

All students will perform in concerts on August 10th and 12th.

The day after the end of the class, those who wish can join an excursion tour around the Luberon.

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