Class Contents

Jasmin Arakawa and Yuko Uébayashi
Misaki Baba
Yu Matsuoka
Michel Moragues and Yuko Uébayashi
Carol Wincenc and Yuko uébayashi


“La Mélodieuse” is a space for sharing music produced by composer Yuko Uébayashi. Surrounded by the mountains of Luberon in southern France, it stands in the pine forest of Puget village.
In summer, we spend the time under shining clear light, endlessly high blue sky, and pure breeze through the shade of the trees. The master class is held in such a special environment where the sound of the flute you play is accompanied by the songs of birds.


You receive the essence of music from two professors; brilliant flutist and composer herself.

Lessons by flute professor  for the flute repertoires

1 hour X 3 times

Michel Moragues : session 1

Soliste of l’Orchestre National de France, Professor of Chamber Music at Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris

Carol Wincenc : session 2

Professor of Juilliard School

Coaching by Yuko Uébayashi for Yuko Uébayashi’s pieces

1 hour X 3 times


If you already have a co-star, we welcome you to join us with your co-star.

In case of you need an accompaniment for a lesson, we can organize a pianist who has a lot of experience playing Yuko Uebayashi’s pieces and is highly regarded as a performer into your accompaniment.

Jasmin Arakawa : session 1

Misaki Baba : session 2

Yu Matsuoka : session 2

If the repertoire you play requires a harp accompaniment, during Session 1, we can organize a harp accompaniment for you.


Session 1 : July 4 (Mon) – July 10 (Mon)

Michel Moragues

with Yuko Uébayashi

Pianist Jasmin Arakawa

July 4 (Mon) : Arrival, Meet at Dinner at La Mélodieuse

July 5 (Tue) – July 10 (Sun)  Classes open

July 8 (Fri) A concert by Michel Moragues and Jasmin Arakawa 

Yuko Uebayashi’s New Piece “Deuxième Sonate pour flûte et piano” will be premiered.

July 9 (Sat) 
A concert by Students

Session 2 : August 9 (Tue) – August 15 (Mon)

Carol Wincenc

with Yuko Uébayashi

Pianist Misaki Baba (Aug10-13)

Pianist Yu Matsuoka (Aug14-15)

August 9 (Tue) : Arrival, Meet at Dinner at La Mélodieuse 

August 10 (Wed) – August 15 (Mon)  Classes open 

August 12 (Fri) A concert by Carol Wincenc and Misaki Baba

Yuko Uébayashi’s “Au delà du Temps” will be performed.

August 15 (Mon) A concert by Students

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