la Mélodieuse

Music Master Class and Concert

at “La Mélodieuse” in the Luberon

Yuko Uébayashi – Michel Moragues – Carol Wincenc

Let’s start our music again

Beyond the long and difficult times, in the summer of 2022, under the beautiful light of Luberon, Southern France, we will resume our musical gathering.

Session 1 : July 4 – July 10 with Michel Moragues

Session 2 : August 9 – August 15 with Carol Wincenc

Session 1 :

July 4 (Mon) – 10 (Sun)

Michel Moragues


Yuko Uébayashi

Pianist Jasmin Arakawa will accompany lessons.

Concert : July 8 (Fri) 8:00PM

Michel Moragues : Flute

Jasmin Arakawa : Piano

We are planning a world premiere of Yuko Uébayashi‘s new piece “Deuxième Sonate pour flûte et piano” at the concert.

Session 2 :

August 9 (Tue)15 (Mon)

Carol Wincenc


Yuko Uébayashi

Pianist Misaki Baba (Aug10-13) and Yu Matsuoka (Aug14-15) will accompany lessons.

Concert : August 12 (Fri) 8:00PM

Carol Wincenc : flute

Misaki Baba : piano

Carol Wincenc will play Yuko Uébayashi‘s “Au delà du Temps” with Sooah Jean in this concert. Carol Wincenc is the Premiere of the piece in USA.

La Mélodieuse

Here, the beautiful light shines down, tthe pleasant wind that blows down under the clear blue sky sounds pine needles, and at night the full starry sky where the flow of the galaxy can be seen spreads. When the season comes, the flowers of red poppy and Lavender bloom, and each day is blessed by nature with fruits, vegetables and herbs. The Luberon is full of the energy of nature and the joy of life.

Yuko Uébayashi

The qualification is to love music, that’s it.

The purpose of this class is;

“Discovering and sharing the joy of music in the clear air of The Luberon with musicians, students, villagers, and visitors from all over the world.”

“I would like to listen to the performance of my pieces directly and coach it so that people can understand my pieces more clearly and at the same time find out the music of the performers themselves”

I believe.

Yuko Uébayashi