With Michel Moragues, a concert in Paris
With Carol Wincenc, the recording in New York


Since 1998 I have lived in Paris and met various musicians. I lived with music and created my pieces there. I’m very grateful that many musicians around the world have performed my pieces with their sympathy for my music.

In 2018, after 20 years in Paris, I moved to a small village called Puget in the Luberon (in Southern France Provence) for my new step in my life.

Here, the beautiful light shines down, the pleasant wind that blows down under the clear blue sky sounds pine needles, and at night the full starry sky where the flow of the galaxy can be seen spreads. When the season comes, the flowers of red poppy and Lavender bloom, and each day is blessed by nature with fruits, vegetables and herbs. The Luberon is full of the energy of nature and the joy of life.

Through my life here, I have come to want to share and transmit the joy of music in this surroundings. Now I can deeply understand why Sviatoslav Richter chose The Luberon for the place of the now-famous ”Festival International de Piano de la Roque d’Anthéron”. I built a music salon in our home for sharing the music. I named here “La Mélodieuse”.

At this “La Mélodieuse”, a new type of class has started since the summer of 2020. Regardless of amateur, professional, age, performance level, or instrumentation, I would like to meet a variety of people who loves the music here.

The summer of this year 2022, I will hold two classes with wonderful flutists Michel Moragues (Soliste of l’Orchestre National de France, Professor of Chamber Music at Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris) and Carol Wincenc (Professor of Juilliard School).

The purpose of this class is;

“Discovering and sharing the joy of music in the clear air of The Luberon with musicians, students, villagers, and visitors.”

“I would like to listen to the performance of my pieces directly and coach it so that people can understand my pieces more clearly and also find out the music of the performers themselves”

I believe.

Yuko Uébayashi